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Marcus Liberty Talks Illini Basketball: Inside Fighting Illini Athletics Podcast


Asmussen | Liberty believes in Underwood’s process

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 7:00am | Bob Asmussen Photo by: News-Gazette Can you believe it's been 30 years since the Flyin' Illini took college basketball by storm? Lou Henson's 1988-89 Illinois team might be the most famous to have not won a national title. Michigan made sure of that in the semifinals at Seattle, with Sean Higgins ... More

Who Should Join A Travel Basketball Team?

Summer travel basketball teams are designed to both further a players development and can be important later for college recruiting. The younger teams will get an incredible experience in local travel, fundamentals of the game and becoming competitive. Players and families that have not participated in travel teams may ... More

Benefits of Individual or Small Group Training

Team Practices Can Be Lecture Heavy Student athletes are overly distracted, and nowadays it takes a highly structured and hands-on approach to earn their attention and keep them engaged for extended periods of time. Much of the team/groups time is spent explaining and walking through offensive and defensive sets. This is vital ... More

Testimonial #1

Marcus is a great individual to work with. He's passionate, driven, and most importantly people oriented. He translates his life experiences in basketball and life, to help young people in the community. I'm, certainly, grateful to have the opportunity to work with Marcus and I would recommend him to anyone. - Chuck Bryan: ... More

Testimonial #2

I've know Marcus since high school not only did we play at the same high school Marcus and I have done tons of basketball clinic and camps together, Marcus is a smart outgoing person not only was he an outstanding athlete his very knowledgeable about the game and to have him a part of your organization would be a great asset.... More

Testimonial #3

Marcus was a great coach and motivator to my two sons. We would hire him back in a minute if he were available! - Don Strumillo: Owner, AMS Direct & The Professional Education Institute More

Testimonial #4

Marcus is a dedicated worker and has high integrity which is important to me. I would not hesitate in hiring Mr. Liberty. His ethics speaks for themself. - Bromley Oliver: President & Owner, Superior Energy Services More

Testimonial #5

I was introduced to Marcus in 2007 through a business colleague of mine located in Chicago when Marcus decided to move to Houston. Being a huge basketball fan and former high school player I knew who Marcus was and since we graduated from High School the same year, I also knew he was rated the #1 player in the USA. So obviously ... More

Testimonial #6

Marcus first of all and foremost is an outstanding person, He is very professional. Marcus came highly recommended to me to come play basketball for us while I was coaching in Puerto Rico. Marcus showed his leadership skills immediately and showed he was an asset at once. That relationship was so strong, that when I took ... More

Testimonial #7

Marcus Liberty is a legend in Chicago. He was that one in a million. Marcus could have peaked out before he hit the age of 30 after injuries cut short a promising NBA career. Instead, Marcus has taken his God given ability to motivate and instruct youth and set up what has become a respected Basketball Academy. Marcus will ... More

Testimonial #8

Marcus was a multi-dimensional versatile star on the collegiate level. He was vital to the success of one of my favorite teams, The Flying Illini of 1989. Marcus has great knowledge of the game and is a great asset in helping your child develop his/her skills and also learn about the game of life. - Dick Vitale: ESPN College ... More